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Message From The President

Adam Bronson

I've been lucky to work with bighorn sheep management in Utah for the past 15 years. Beginning with my graduate study on the Kaiparowits Plateau and continuing until most recently as a representative of UFNAWS working with the UDWR on many transplant projects, I thoroughly enjoy helping in any way possible to "keep and put sheep on the mountain." What a fulfilling cause to be involved in! I have a lot of admiration and respect for the many individuals that have done so much for bighorn sheep in Utah over the past 40 years. DWR biologists, federal land management agencies, UFNAWS board members, UFNAWS members and sheep hunters in general have given a tremendous amount of their time, money and hard work to benefit bighorn sheep in Utah.

I'd like to thank Ryan Foutz for his time and dedication to further the mission of UFNAWS over the past 9 years. Ryan has proven, by his actions, to be a President "for the sheep" and Utah sheep herds are better off because of him. He has also become a great friend and I appreciate the time I've had to work with him. I am committed to one main premise in this new role as UFNAWS President: It's "For The Sheep!" My focus, time and effort will be solely to maintain and improve Utah's bighorn sheep herds in any way we can. I appreciate the opportunity I've been given to serve in this position and wan you all to know that I am fully committed and determined to work hard, use foresight and, along with you, help raise the essential funds our sheep herds need to overcome the challenges they face.

Please call or email me any time with your questions, concerns, feedback, or to get more involved. I appreciate your support of UFNAWS and look forward to working together with you to do great things "For The Sheep!"


Adam Bronson